The villages of the Piceno: a territory to discover...

The Piceno hills are a real journey between the sea and the montains.

A magical environment punctuated by the colors and smells of tradition.

A magnificient path between medieval villages where you can immerse yourself in the history and also in the art of these enchanting places.


A journey through history, a discovered treasure...

We are in a village surrounded by greenery, where you can breathe pure air...

This small and precious village rises on the Piceno hills from where it is possible to look at both the sea and the faboulous mountains.

The Cript of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta is a truly rare treasure.

About twenty mummified bodies whose clothes have remained intact offer an exceptional document on the fashion of the people of seventeenth century.

The Musuem of the Crypt of Monsampolo del Tronto is definitely un unmissable stop in the discovery of the Marche hills.

Ascoli Piceno 

The beauty of Ascoli Piceno, a beautiful packet of olives and an Anisetta Meletti scented coffee. 

The historic center is built almost entirely in travertine and in it there is the Renaissance Piazza del Popolo. Episcopal seat, it preserves several noble and bell towers and for this reason it is called the City of a hundred towers. It is the only city in the region to have two historic theaters, the Ventidio Basso and the Filarmonici.

The "Olive all'Ascolana", a special tender olive stuffed with meat, breaded and fried, represent Ascoli's brio, crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. For lovers of fried food, even the "fried cream".

You cannot miss a visit to the Meletti coffee, right in Piazza del Popolo. An intense and sweet scent of anise. 

The Meletti anisette, like the Ascolana olives, is one of the symbols of Ascoli Piceno. Anisette was born in 1870 from an idea of ​​Silvio Meletti who perfected the family recipe of the aniseed liqueur, inventing an alembic capable of distilling the liqueur very slowly. The choice of Pinpinella Nisum anise, carefully cultivated on the city's clayey soils, makes the taste of this liqueur particularly delicate. 

Caffè Meletti is the heart of the city and the favorite meeting place for Ascolans. A stop in the Meletti coffee and tasting the anisette become a very pleasant and indispensable moment for anyone visiting the city of Ascoli Piceno.

San Benedetto del Tronto

San Benedetto del Tronto is one of the most famous summer destinations in the Marche and its Torrione, in the upper part of the town, is less known but certainly irreplaceable for enjoying a splendid view of the Riviera. "Il Molo Sud" where you will discover a real art museum leaning towards the Adriatic Sea is the way to freedom, it is the walk dedicated to admiring what the sea and art do. 

Mario Lupo's “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull” monument and the wonderful sculptures made from the white travertine of the cliff made by artists from all over the world come together in a real artistic journey. 

The walk is entitled MAM, Museum of Art on the Sea, one of the most important open-air museums for over a kilometer with 135 sculptures and 10 murals along the entire "Molo Sud". 

For fish lovers there are different versions of "brodetto" to taste in San Benedetto del Tronto, and to conclude the Caffè del Marinaio.

It is a product that is born on board the boats of sailors, fishermen. These ships fished and stayed out for months, freezing the catch on board and stopping only in some ports to refuel. When they were at sea, the sailors prepared coffee with the mocha and with this coffee - to make it stronger and to warm up during the cold nights in the middle of the sea - they mixed mistrà, a typical Marche liqueur obtained with the use of natural spirits of aromatic plants such as anise and rum.

Il fulcro della Riviera Delle Palme


The village of Grottammaree awaits you with un incomparable view of the sea and San Benedetto del Tronto.

The panoramic point of the Loggia Antica where the Piazza Peretti and the Teatro degli Aranci overlooks, it's a stop that you cannot miss.

Cupra Marittima

It's a pleasant discover this small village with its medieval upper part of the town, Marano thet offer an incomparable view of the coast.

In the village you can visit the Territory Museum, the Shell Museum and the archaeological area.

Offida, a village with a thousand faces: history and tradition with an eye towards the future

One of the liveliest villages in the Piceno: Offida

Its uniqueness lies in "Il Tombolo" , in the celebration of the truly original carnival, in the immensity of the Church of Santa Maria Della Rocca.

The atmosphere is unique and can be perceived precisely from the narrow street filled with several women who make "il Tombolo", from the scent of freshly baked "funghetti di Offida" ( a typical dessert of this village) ...the fulcrum in its Piazza del Popolo where there is the fabulous "Serpente Aureo" theater.